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Functional and dependable industrial roofing is key if your business is going to operate smoothly. There are, however, some common issues that can arise to cause issues with your industrial roof. Here are just a few.

Poor Maintenance

This is a very common problem and here at Exall Roofing we often get asked about industrial roof maintenance or issues that have come about because of poor maintenance. Realistically though, it shouldn’t be a problem because good industrial roof maintenance is simple. The best way to conquer this issue is to hire a professional contractor to carry out regular maintenance on your industrial roof.

Damage caused by weather

Although you can’t change the weather, there are things you can do to minimise damage from adverse weather and temperature. Extreme changes in temperature such as melting ice or snow can cause water to enter you roof or guttering to over flow. Strong winds cause roofing materials to become loose or debris such as leaves to build up which can both create leakages. Finally, high rainfall can also cause leakages, especially if your roof is in a poor state already. We recommend that you schedule in regular roof inspections, to check the condition of your roof. This is important to carry out as soon after the inclement weather has taken place.

Cleaning your guttering

This might sound an obvious thing to do but you would be surprised how often this simple task is not carried out. The issue here is that many people only clear out their guttering when there is a visible problem. Leaves, branches and even stones can build up in your gutter, especially over winter. This causes blockages and inevitably leaks. If unchecked, gutters can become so laden with debris that they might need replacing; an expensive job considering all you have to do is regular maintenance.


When there is a build up of debris or if guttering isn’t functioning properly, water is inevitably going to collect and form pools. This can often lead to the need for a full roof replacement, especially in serious cases.


Believe it or not, but birds, particularly seagulls, can cause many problems for your industrial roof. They can pick at roofing materials, either to make their nest or if they think it’s hiding food. They can also create nests on your roof, which can lead to gutters being filled up with debris or pools of water building up. Bird droppings are not only unsightly and unhygienic but can cause both superficial and integral damage to your industrial roof too.

The Solution

The simple answer to all of these problems is regular checks and maintenance. If you require more information about industrial roof maintenance or would like a quote, please contact our professional and friendly team on 020 8037 1848.

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