Roof Refurbishment

All roofs will become damaged or need repairs at some point in their lifetime. This could be for a number of reasons, including water or structural damage caused by inclement weather or lack of regular maintenance. However, the damage can also be caused by poor design or installation and so it’s important to fully understand the reason behind why a roof has failed before roof refurbishment, repairs or even replacement can be carried out.

Assessing the works needed

Before we carry out any work we will send a surveyor or one of our contractors to assess the damage, if necessary and to discuss what changes may be needed. This can vary from replacing sections and making remedial repairs to over-cladding to stripping the entire roof and starting again. Whatever the outcome, you can be sure that we will take into consideration your budget, the building’s use and future use and what actually needs to be done. We won’t be recommending a whole new roof is installed if you only require a few repairs. To help you decide and really understand the scale of the job we will provide you with a detailed report along with quotes (and with no obligation to accept!).

Rules and regulations

When choosing the right roof refurbishment, you must be sure it complies with the Building Regulations, which we can help you with when you work alongside our team of qualified, trained and experienced staff. To further reassure you, we are accredited with The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS), Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) and Safe Contractor.

A lasting job

Just as important as safety, however, is the need for the roof refurbishment to be durable and to be installed by trained experts, just like those here at Exall Roofing. As well as this, aesthetics and use have to be taken into account, we have worked with a number of companies over the years, including those whose premises come with a Grade II listed status. Just because a building is old doesn’t mean you can’t refurbish it and make sure it lasts for many more years.

So, whether your roof has failed due to water leakages, or you’re just needing a roof refurbishment, our team of highly professional, trained contractors take into consideration all of these factors well before the roof refurbishment has even started, so that you can have peace of mind, well into the future.

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