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Commercial buildings range in size, shape and purpose so choosing the right roofing solution can be tricky.  Of course, you want a high-quality roof that is going to be dependable over many years to come whilst still being able to run a successful business or educational facility whilst we install your new roof.  Here at Exall Roofing, we don’t just install and repair roofs on industrial buildings we also work on commercial buildings in and around the London and Essex areas too. We have a range of commercial roofing solutions including installation and cladding for both new builds and refurbishments. We have over 35 years of experience under our belts are can professionally and efficiently deal with a range of commercial buildings including schools and retail. We are specialists in commercial roofing and always endeavour to produce exceptional results for every client we deal with. By working closely with you, we will form a relationship that will enable us to produce the best roof we can for you. Efficiency and cost effectiveness are high on our agenda, however, we also strive for customer satisfaction, and producing something that you’re 100% satisfied with is what drives us.

We offer a range of commercial roofing services include cladding, repair, refurbishment and replacement for factories, warehouses, offices and school buildings. The combination of over three decades of experience, quality resources and an inherent understanding of what each individual client needs means we can deliver the best commercial roofing in and around the London and Essex areas.

Types of Commercial Buildings

We’ve installed several different types of roofs on a number of different commercial buildings. Here are some examples of the types of commercial building we can roof.

  • Schools – Having a comfortable learning environment is key to the success of your students and a damaged or leaking roof is not conducive to a good learning environment.
  • Hospital – Hospitals are places where people go to get better, which is why having a safe and hygienic roof is paramount.
  • Supermarket & shops - Leaking roofs in supermarkets and shops are not only a risk to your stock they also pose a hazard to your staff and customers.
  • Warehouse - Much like shops, the stock in your warehouse is at risk if you do not have a sound roof. Likewise, your staff will perform much better in a warehouse with an adequate roofing system that provides a comfortable working environment.
  • Restaurant – Damaged or poorly maintained roofing systems are bad for any business, and none more so than restaurants. Leaking roofs could cause serious health and safety or food hygiene issues with the potential of being shut down. Why take the risk?

So if you’re looking for commercial roofing services in London and Essex, look no further than Exall roofing and why not contact our professional and friendly team on 020 8037 1848.

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