Exall Roofing are specialists in the installation, maintenance and repair of flat roofs. Flat roofs can come in many different forms and waterproofing layers including, Single Ply Systems, Liquid Polymer Systems, Asphalt or Built-up felt. Our engineers are trained and approved installers of the latest and best flat roof systems on today's market. Our flat roof clients range from domestic single storey extensions to larger scale projects for schools, universities and hospitals.

Single Ply (PVC)

Single ply flat roofing membranes are extremely lightweight, durable and quick to install, making them an excellent choice for larger scale construction projects. We currently utilise four different systems which each have their own advantages; Sika Trocal®, SikaPlan® and IKO Armourplan.

What our clients say

Exall Roofing were the only company to call me back when half our roof fell off in the recent storm. In horrible conditions they came and make the house safe and were back two days later to fit a new roof for us. Throughout the installation they worked hard, despite trying conditions, and we are really happy with the final result, as well as their courteous manner.

- Andy H

Liquid Polymer

We have an in depth knowledge of different types of liquid polymer roof systems and our engineers are trained with the best materials on the market. As liquid polymer roof systems are cold applied, they can be very advantageous when used in hospital or school applications. They are also very useful in waterproofing walkways, gutters and any areas which require a high amount of detailed work due to their seamless application. Liquid polymers are very flexible, durable and quick to install, however one disadvantage is that most liquid polymers will require a minimum/maximum temperature when being installed to ensure that the product adheres correctly to the substrate.


Mastic asphalt systems have a proven track record for being amongst the toughest and most durable membranes available. This system has been used for hundreds of years and has a proven life-expectancy of over 60 years. Mastic Asphalt can be used for applications such as steps, walkways, balconies as well as flat roofs.

Want to know more?

If you require more information about flat roofing or would like a quotation, please contact our professional and friendly team on 020 8037 1848.